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1Title:  Jack D. Collins Records subseries Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1631 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of 5 binders put together by the F.M.C. during and after the testing of a front wheel drive system. There are specifications, drawings, cost analysis and performance results; lncluded is a final report no. 9090 dated 8/21/1959. 
 Subjects:  Reports | Drawings 
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2Title:  Archives Reports subseries, 1958 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  906 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Archives. 
 Abstract:  The Archives reports subseries is a set of material pulled together for a 1958 presentation by the Ford Archives reporting on the value of the archives to the company. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Archives. | Archivists | Reports 
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3Title:  Ford International executive newsletters, 1950-1956 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  505 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Public Relations Department. 
 Abstract:  The Ford International executive newsletters were informal newsletters intended to share information about overseas branches of the Ford Motor Company. This collection contains newsletters from the 1950s as well as economic news abstracts from the same period. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1917-1987. | Mills, A. K. (Augustus King), 1902-1954. | Ford Motor Company. Public Relations Department. | Ford Motor Company. International Division--Public relations. | Automobile industry and trade | Ford automobile | Branches (Business enterprises) | Ford Motor Company--Management. | Reports. 
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4Title:  Ford Motor Company Manufacturing Division Reports, 1952-1953 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  93.1.564 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Quality control reports performed on fabrics and leather (artifical and real). 3 cubic ft. (3 boxes) 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company | Automobile engineers | Testing | Automotive design | Ford Model A automobile | Reports | Samples 
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5Title:  Ford Motor Company Advertising Cost Estimate Records, 1941-1943 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  00.1814.510 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  The records consist of foreign and domestic advertising cost estimates produced for Ford Motor Company by Irwin Vladimir & Company of New York City. Extent: 0.4 cubic ft. (1 box). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company | Irwin Vladimir & Company | Advertising | Advertising media planning | Automobile industry and trade | Cost estimates | Financial statements | Reports 
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6Title:  Ford Motor Company Advertising and Sales Promotion Records, 1953-1964 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2009.1.1949 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Collection consisting of Ford Motor Company advertising and sales records related to the 1964 vehicle model year. Extent: 0.3 cubic ft. (1 box). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company | Advertising | Automobile dealers | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Marketing | Correspondence | Reports | Specifications 
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7Title:  Michigan Inspection Bureau records, 1890-1964 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  85.1.1692 
 Creator:  Michigan Inspection Bureau 
 Abstract:  The Michigan Inspection Bureau, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, offered free inspection services to statewide businesses to reduce fire risk. The inspection records list name of company, location, number of employees, and type of products, raw stocks, machinery and processes at each company. 
 Subjects:  Michigan Inspection Bureau | Business enterprises--Michigan. | Fire insurance--Michigan. | Fire prevention--Inspection--Michigan | Real property--Michigan | Maps | Reports 
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8Title:  L.A. Weis Collection, 1950-1977 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  78.300.1310 
 Creator:  Weis, Lawrence A. (L.A.) 
 Abstract:  The L.A. Weis Collection, 1950-1977, contains public relations materials pertaining to Ford Motor Company products, most significantly the development of the Mustang I experimental car and the Mustang II. 
 Subjects:  Weis, Lawrence A. (L.A.) | Iacocca, Lee A., 1924- | Ford Motor Company | Ford automobile | Mustang automobile | Audiocassettes | Brochures | Clippings (information artifacts) | Motion pictures (Visual works) | Photographic prints | Reports 
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9Title:  Emery L. Applegate records, 1923-1962 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  989 
 Creator:  Applegate, Emery L. 
 Abstract:  These records contain the desk files of Emery L. Applegate. They include branch histories as well as information about Ford Motor Company products such as the Tri Motor plane, the Model A and the Model T. 
 Subjects:  Applegate, Emery L. | Ford Motor Company. | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947. | Ford Motor Company. | Automobile industry and trade. | Ford Model T automobile. | Ford Three-engine Monoplane (Transport plane) | Ford Tri-Motor. | Photographs | Publications | Reports 
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10Title:  Ford Motor Company Textile Laboratory Records, 1959-1969 (bulk 1962-1964) Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2006.1.1911 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Also known as the Master Bodycloth File, the Textile Laboratory Records consist of working files of the Ford Motor Company Textile Laboratory Section staff. Files include correspondence, testing reports, material samples, and specifications for fabrics. 8 cubic ft. (8 boxes). 
 Subjects:  Brunn, Hermann C., 1908-1989 | Automobile industry and trade | Automotive design | Carpets | Cloth | Convertibles | Ford automobile | Lincoln Continental automobile | Mercury automobile | Mustang automobile | Safety belts | Seating | Testing | Upholstery | Correspondence | Reports | Samples 
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11Title:  Gordon Eliot White Auto Racing Reference Collection, 1894-2002 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2013.143 
 Creator:  White, Gordon Eliot 
 Abstract:  The Gordon Eliot White Auto Racing Reference Collection is comprised of periodicals and microfilmed materials, such as AAA contest boards and scrapbooks, relating to automobile racing from 1894-2002. 
 Subjects:  White, Gordon Eliot | American Automobile Association | Indianapolis Speedway Race | Vanderbilt Cup Race | Automobile racing | Midget cars (Automobiles) | Racetracks (Automobile racing) | Sprint cars | Sports car racing | Stock car racing | Microfilms | Periodicals | Programs (documents) | Reports 
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12Title:  Reports of Management Meetings, 1947-1954 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  422 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations. 
 Abstract:  Ford Motor Company implemented monthly management meetings in 1947 to establish two-way communication between all parts of the management team. This collection contains the monthly reports from those meetings from 1947 to 1954. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1917-1987 | Breech, Ernest R., 1897-1978 | Ford Motor Company. Personnel management. | Ford Motor Company. Employees. | Ford Motor Company. Management. | Automobile industry and trade | Ford automobile | Reports 
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13Title:  Raymond Loewy Collection, 1956-1974 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2001.74 
 Creator:  Loewy, Raymond, 1893-1986 
 Abstract:  The Raymond Loewy Collection, 1956-1974, contains reports and drawings related to the industrial designer's work on space transportation systems for NASA and designs for the Cornell-Liberty Safety Car. 
 Subjects:  Loewy, Raymond, 1893-1986 | Snaith, William, 1908-1974 | Raymond Loewy / William Snaith, Inc. | Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory | Liberty Mutual Insurance Company | National Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.) | Automobile safety | Automotive design | Industrial design | Outer space | Safety | Space flight | Space programs | Design drawings | Reports 
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14Title:  Ford Motor Company Iron Mountain Plant records, 1950-1951 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  523 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Plant Engineering Department. 
 Abstract:  Ford Motor Company owned a large amount of land in the Upper Peninsula from the 1920s to 1954. One use of the land was the building of the Iron Mountain Plant. These records include plant engineering data on the Iron Mountain plant such as plant layouts, photographs, and technical drawings. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Plant Engineering Department. | Ford Motor Company. Iron Mountain Plant. | Iron mines and mining--Michigan | Automobile--Materials | Factories--Design and construction | Industrial buildings | Ford Motor Company. Buildings. | Iron Mountain (Mich.) | Maps | Photographs | Reports | Technical Drawings 
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15Title:  Valentine Y. Tallberg Records subseries, 1944-1949 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  480 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Engineering Division. 
 Abstract:  Valentine Y. Tallberg worked in multiple positions in Ford Motor Company, including Administrative Engineer and Vice President of Engineering. These records include meeting minutes and agendas, progress reports and program schedules of many of the committees on which Tallberg served. 
 Subjects:  Tallberg, Valentine Y. (Valentine Yngve), 1901-1976 | Ford Motor Company. Engineering Division | Automobiles--Design and construction | Automobile engineers | Automobile industry and trade | Ford Model A automobile | Ford automobile | Lincoln Continental automobile | Mercury automobile | Production scheduling | Tractor industry | Truck industry | Corporate minutes | Reports | Schedules (time plans) 
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16Title:  Don Chadwick Papers, 1972-2011 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2019.148 
 Creator:  Chadwick, Don, 1936- 
 Abstract:  Don Chadwick is one of the noted industrial designers on the Herman Miller team, responsible for projects like the Ergon and Aeron chairs in collaboration with Bill Stumpf, as well as the Chadwick Modular Seating system and the Ethospace system. Materials include project drawings, schematics, and reports, as well as 35mm slides and use test photographs. Extent: 22.6 cubic ft. (13 boxes, 35 rolls, 7 flat file drawers). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Chadwick, Don (Donald T.), 1936- | Kelley, Jack | Stumpf, Bill, 1936-2006 | Chadwick Studio | Chadwick, Stumpf, and Associates | Forms+Surfaces, Inc. | Herman Miller Research Corporation | Herman Miller, Inc. | Chair design | Chairs (Furniture forms) | Ergonomics | Furniture | Furniture design | Human comfort | Industrial design | Office chairs | Office furniture | Office layout | Offices | Seating--Furniture | Hospitals--Furniture, equipment, etc. | United States, Los Angeles (California) | United States, Santa Monica (California) | United States, Zeeland (Michigan) | Advertisements | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Color photographs | Color slides | Color transparencies | Correspondence | Design drawings | Drawings | Film reels | Memorandums | Photographic prints | Posters | Promotional materials | Reports | Sketches | Slides (photographs) | Technical drawings | Technical reports 
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17Title:  California Packing Corporation – Del Monte Records, 1913-1989 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2019.88 
 Creator:  California Packing Corporation 
 Abstract:  This collection concerns the California Packing Corporation (CPC, later the Del Monte Corporation), and consists primarily of photographs and publicity materials produced by the company in the early- and mid-20th century. CPC was primarily known for its production of canned and preserved fruits and vegetables, and for the development of several large pineapple plantations in Hawaii and the Philippines. Extent: 14.25 cubic ft. (including 6 oversized boxes, 4 film reels, and 1 VHS tape). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  California Packing Corporation | Del Monte Corporation | Hanahan, Walt E. | Jongeneel, L.W. | Philippine Packing Corporation | Agriculture | Agricultural equipment | Agricultural implements | Agricultural industries | Agricultural laborers | Agricultural machinery | Asparagus | Canned foods | Canned fruit | Canned meat | Canned peaches | Canned vegetables | Canning and preserving | Farming | Farm produce | Fruit | Fruit processing plants | Orchards | Salmon | Spinach | Peach (fruit) | Pineapple (fruit) | Plantations | Raisins | Vegetables | South Africa | Philippines | Philippines, Manila | United States, California | United States, Hawaii | Advertisements | Awards | Blueprints (Reprographic copies) | Books | Brochures | Correspondence | Film Reels | Labels | Ledgers (Account books) | Negatives (Photographs) | Newsletters | Newspaper | Photograph albums | Photographic prints | Periodicals | Recipes | Reports | Trade Cards | Trade Catalogs 
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18Title:  Bill Stumpf Papers, 1913-2006 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2009.141 
 Creator:  Stumpf, Bill, 1936-2006 
 Abstract:  Bill Stumpf was an industrial designer who specialized in ergonomic chair and seating design. Working with the Herman Miller Research Corporation, he worked on the design of well-known ergonomic office chairs, including the Ergon and Aeron chairs. Stumpf's papers include drawings, correspondence, photographs, and other documents related to his design projects, as well as personal papers, publications, and memorabilia. 
 Subjects:  Stumpf, Bill, 1936-2006 | Campbell, Kermit | Chadwick, Don, 1936- | Child, Julia | De Pree, Hugh | De Pree, Max | Kelley, Jack | Propst, Robert | Weber, Jeff | Chadwick, Stumpf, and Associates | Herman Miller Research Corporation | Herman Miller, Inc. | Sister Kenny Institute | Stumpf, Weber, and Associates | Walker Art Center | William Stumpf and Associates | Chair design | Chairs | Ergonomics | Furniture | Furniture design | Human comfort | Industrial design | Office chairs | Office furniture | Office layout | Offices | Seating--Furniture Hospitals--Furniture, equipment, etc. | United States, Ann Arbor (Michigan) | United States, Cannon Falls (Minnesota) | United States, Madison (Wisconsin) | United States, Minneapolis (Minnesota) | United States, Santa Monica (California) | United States, St. Croix Valley (Minnesota) | United States, St. Paul (Minnesota) | United States, Stockholm (Wisconsin) | United States, Winona (Minnesota) | Advertisements | Audiocassettes | Awards | Awards certificates | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Books | Brochures | Color negatives | Color photographs | Color slides | Color transparencies | Correspondence | Design drawings | Drawings | DVDs | Financial records | Floppy disks | Magazines (periodicals) | Memorabilia | Memorandums | Negatives (photographs) | Patents | Periodicals | Photograph albums | Photographic prints | Posters | Promotional materials | Reports | Sketches | Slides (photographs) | Sound recordings | Technical drawings | Technical reports | Trade catalogs | Videocassettes 
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19Title:  Robert Propst Papers, 1952-1998 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2010.83 
 Creator:  Propst, Robert 
 Abstract:  This collection covers the professional and personal life of noted industrial designer Robert L. Propst. Propst is best known for his work with Herman Miller and for designing the "Action Office," an office furnishing system which became the basis for the modern cubicle. Materials include reports, design photographs, design drawings, and blueprints, as well as personal photographs, writings, and artwork. 
 Subjects:  Propst, Robert | De Pree, D.J. (Dirk Jan De Pree), 1891-1990 | De Pree, Hugh | De Pree, Max | Houy, Chuck (Charles) | Kelley, Jack | Stumpf, Bill (William) | Wodka, Michael (Mike) | Herman Miller, Inc. (HMI) | Herman Miller Research Corporation (HMRC) | Herman Miller Research & Design | Michigan State University | The Propst Company | Propst Design Company | Propst Forestry System Corporation (PFSC) | Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) | University of Massachusetts | Chairs | Children's furniture | Furniture | Furniture design | Furniture designers | Hospital beds | Industrial design | Living room furniture | Logging | Lumbering | Medical offices | Office chairs | Office furniture | Playground equipment | Seating (Furniture) | Travel | China | Japan | Tibet | United States, Ann Arbor (Michigan) | United States, Denver (Colorado) | United States, Redmond (Washington) | United States, Zeeland (Michigan) | Advertisements | Artwork | Audiocassettes | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Brochures | Calendars | Color negatives | Color photographs | Color slides | Color transparencies | Design drawings | Drawings | Engineering drawings | Financial records | Floppy disks | Journals | Manuals | Microfiche | Microfilm | Negatives (photographic) | Pamphlets | Patents | Photograph albums | Photographic prints | Portraits | Posters | Promotional materials | Publications | Reports | Sketches | Slides (photographs) | Sound recordings | Technical drawings | Transparencies | Videocassettes 
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20Title:  Water Power and Real Estate Records series, 1918-1945 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  SE006 
 Creator:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 
 Abstract:  Henry Ford purchased substantial tracts of farmland in southeast Michigan and timber and mining properties in other parts of the country. The Water Power and Real Estate records series consists of two subseries that contain records from the various properties owned by Ford. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Ford, Edsel, 1863-1943--Homes and haunts | Burroughs, John 1837-1921 | Dahlinger, Raymond C., 1885-1969 | Sialia (Ship) | Ford Motor Company | Botsford Inn | Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad | Ford Foundation | Ford Motor Company. Highland Part Plant | Ford Motor Company. Rough River Plant | Ford Motor Company. Real Estate Department | Ford Village Industries | Henry Ford Farms | Lincoln Motor Company | Wayside Inn (Sudbury, Mass.) | Dams | Housing--Michigan | Hydroelectric power plants | Real property | Rental housing | Water-power | Brazil | Brooklyn (Mich.) | Carleton (Mich.) | Clarkston (Mich.) | Dearborn (Mich.) | Detroit (Mich.) | Dundee (Mich.) | Farmington (Mich.) | Flat Rock (Mich.) | Green Island (N.Y.) | Grosse Ile (Mich.) | Hamilton (Ohio) | Iron Mountain (Mich.) | Macon (Mich.) | Manchester (Mich.) | Milan (Mich.) | Milford (Mich.) | Henry Ford Office records | Personal topics subject file subgroup | Water Power and Real Estate series | Nankin (Mich.: Township) | Newburg (Mich.) | Northville (Mich.) | Pinckney (Mich.) | Plymouth (Mich.) | Saint Paul (Minn.) | Sault Sainte Marie (Mich.) | South Sudbury (Mass.) | Tecumseh (Mich.) | Trenton (Mich.) | Waterford (Mich.) | Ypsilanti (Mich.) | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Contracts | Maps | Reports | Photographs 
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