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1Title:  Remittances, Henry Ford Office subseries, 1941-1946 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  790 
 Creator:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 
 Abstract:  The Remittances, Henry Ford Office subseries consists of one ledger containing remittance advices for personal accounts of Henry Ford. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Industrialists--Michigan--Dearborn | Financial records | Ledgers 
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2Title:  Northern Michigan timber and land survey records, 1920-1953. Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1908 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Ford Division. Northern Michigan Operations. 
 Abstract:  The Northern Michigan timber and land survey records contain information on Ford-owned properties such as the market value of timber and land surveys. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Ford Division. Northern Michigan Operations. | Logging--Michigan. | Commercial real estate | Real property--Valuation | Lumbering--Michigan | Timber--Valuation. | Ledgers. | Topographical surveys. 
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3Title:  Clara Ford Estate records series, 1947-1955 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  588 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Estate of Henry Ford. 
 Abstract:  The Clara Ford Estate records were maintained during the settlement of the estate after Clara Ford’s death. They are primarily comprised of tax related material, appraisal and inventory documents, trust related documents, estate sale catalogs, and disbursement records. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Clara Bryant, 1866-1950 | Bryant, Edgar LeRoy. | Ford family | Cemeteries | Charities | Condolence notes. | Estate records | Financial records | Ledgers | Obituaries 
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4Title:  Ships Salvage Program Records subseries, 1925-1931 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  546 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Purchasing Department. 
 Abstract:  In August 1925, Ford Motor Company signed a contract with the United States Shipping Board to purchase and scrap ships originally ordered by the U. S. Shipping Board to meet war-time needs as the country entered World War I. These records document the purchase and the dismantling of the 199 ships acquired by Ford. 
 Subjects:  Wibel, A. M. (Albert M.), 1886-1965 | Ford Motor Company. Purchasing Department. | Ford Motor Company--Purchasing | Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant. | United States. Shipping Board. | Automobile industry and trade | Industrial procurement | Salvage (Waste, etc.) | Ships--Purchasing | Ships--Scrapping | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Ledgers 
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5Title:  Ford Motor Company, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable Records Subseries, 1904-1925 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  64.167.623 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Auditing Department 
 Abstract:  The Ford Motor Company, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable Records Subseries, 1904-1925 (15.4 cubic ft.), Accession 64.167.623, is made up of ledgers from the General Accounting Office containing the following financial data: accounts receivable, 1905-1914 and 1918-1920, which include an incomplete listing of cars sold to Ford Motor Company dealers and Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd., from 1905 to 1914; accounts payable, 1907-1909; special accounts receivable, 1913-1920, the bulk of which is entries for management personnel including Henry Ford and Edsel B. Ford; Lincoln accounts payable, 1922; a patterns lent account book, 1913-1917, regarding suppliers of malleable iron castings; and miscellaneous account books, including journal vouchers and foreign and domestic accounts receivable, 1918-1925. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Auditing Department | Ford Motor Company. Finance Staff | Ford Motor Company--Finance | Ford Motor Company. Lincoln Division | Ford Motor Company of Canada | Automobile dealers | Automobiles--Accounting | Automobile industry and trade--Costs | Automobile industry and trade--Statistics | Accounts payable | Accounts receivable | Branches (Business enterprises) | Cost control | Costs, Industrial | Financial statements | Ford autmobile | Labor costs | Lincoln automobile | Sales accounting | Wages--Accounting | Ledgers 
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6Title:  Carl Edvard Johansson records, 1916-1927 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  214 
 Creator:  Johansson, C.E. (Carl Edvard), 1864-1943 
 Abstract:  Carl Edvard Johansson was a Swedish inventor who pioneered the concept of universal measuring standards in industry with his invention of gauge blocks. He formed his own company in 1917 and worked for Ford Motor Company from 1924 to 1936. His records include financial records, trade catalogs and exhibit designs. 
 Subjects:  Johansson, C. E. (Carl Edvard), 1864-1943 | C. E. Johansson, Inc. | Ford Motor Company. C. E. Johansson Division | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry and trade | Affiliated corporations | Costs, Industrial | Financial statements | Gage blocks | Gages | Income Taxes | Measuring instruments | Payrolls | Subsidiary corporation | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Ledgers | Trade catalogs 
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7Title:  Henry and Clara Ford Financial Records series, 1912-1946 (bulk 1919-1942) Requires cookie*
 Accession:  254 
 Creator:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 
 Abstract:  The Henry and Clara Ford Financial records series is made up of various financial records documenting Henry and Clara's personal finances and Henry's non-Ford activities. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Ford, Clara Bryant, 1866-1950 | Campsall, Frank Charles, 1884-1946 | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947--Employees | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947--Homes and haunts | Liebold, Ernest Gustav, 188401956 | Morton, Herbert Frederick, 1890-1966 | Thompson, Leslie J. | Waddell, H.R. | Cotswold Cottage (Dearborn, Mich.) | Dearborn Country Club (Dearborn, Mich.) | Dearborn Realty and Construction Company | Dearborn Water Works | Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad | Edison Institute Schools | Ford Hawaiians | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Ford Motor Company. Office of Henry Ford. | Ford Village Industries | Henry Ford (Organization). Henry Ford Museum | Henry Ford & Son, Inc. | Henry Ford Construction Department | Henry Ford Farms | Sialia (Ship) | Valley Farms, Inc. | Fair Lane (Dearborn, Mich.) | Wayside Inn (Sudbury, Mass.) | Antiques | Automobile industry and trade | Buildings--Michigan--Dearborn | Historic buildings | Historic sites--Conservation and restoration | Industrialists--Michigan--Dearborn | Dearborn (Mich.) | Richmond Hill (Ga.) | Fort Myers (Fla.) | Bank statements | Financial records | Ledgers | Microforms 
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8Title:  General Personal Records series, 1823-1984 (bulk 1920-1947) Requires cookie*
 Accession:  23 
 Creator:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 
 Abstract:  The Henry Ford Office was created in 1906 by James Couzens to manage Henry Ford's correspondence and personal affairs. The General Personal records series contains material from the Henry Ford Office related to many of Henry Ford's non-automotive business and personal interests. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Avery, Clarence W. (Clarence Willard), 1882-1949 | Buchman, Frank Nathan Daniel, 1878-1961 | Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 | Carver, George Washington, 1864?-1943 | Correll, Charles J., 1890-1972 | Coughlin, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1891-1979 | Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931 | Ford, Clara Bryant, 1866-1950 | Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943 | Ford family | Gosden, Freeman F., 1899-1982 | Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951 | Hill, Percival S. | Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964 | Meadowcroft, Wm. H. (William Henry), 1853- | Perry, Percival S. | Plantiff, Faston, 1874-1934 | Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 | Sacco, Nicola, 1891-1927 | Trowbridge, J. T. (John Townsend), 1827-1916 | Vanzetti, Bartolomeo, 1888-1927 | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Ford Motor Company--Management | Ford Motor Company--Presidents | Berry Schools | Camp Legion | Camp Willow Run | Edison Illuminating Company | Edison Institute School | Henry Ford Farms | Henry Ford (Organization) | Wayside Inn (Sudbury, Mass.) | Automobile industry and trade | Automobile dealers | Crops--Soybeans | Dance | Goldenrods | Rubber | Rubber industry and trade--Brazil | Fort McAllister (Ga.: Ford) | Richmond Hill (Ga.) | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Clippings | Genealogy | Greeting cards | Ledgers | Maps | Microforms | Photographs | Postcards | Publications | Scrapbooks | Sheet music | Telegrams | Trade catalogs 
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