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1Title:  Robert A. Shaw papers, 1924-1951 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  618 
 Creator:  Shaw, Robert A. 
 Abstract:  Robert A. Shaw was in charge of all safety engineering at Ford Motor Company from 1913 to 1927. His papers include diagrams, the “Safe Practices” newsletter and a book. 
 Subjects:  Shaw, Robert A. | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry and trade | Safety engineers | Safety engineering in practice | Tractors 
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2Title:  Five Dollar Day collection, 1909-1919 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  683 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. 
 Abstract:  The Five Dollar Day was implemented by the Ford Motor Company in 1914 and effectively doubled the daily income of its qualifying automobile workers. This collection is comprised of photocopies primarily of newspaper articles related to the implementation of the Five Dollar Day. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company--Employees | Ford Motor Company--Sociological Department | Automobile industry and trade | Wage payment systems | Clippings (information artifacts) 
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3Title:  Laurence S. Sheldrick papers, 1932-1948 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  652 
 Creator:  Sheldrick, L. S. (Laurence S.), 1892-1981. 
 Abstract:  Laurence S. Sheldrick was a draftsman and designer for Lincoln Motor Company and Ford Motor Company. He worked a variety of design projects including automotive, tank, and aircraft engines and the 9N Fordson tractor. The papers include correspondence, reports and photographs related to that design work. 
 Subjects:  Sheldrick, L. S. (Laurence S.), 1892-1981. | Ford Motor Company -- Employees. | Automobiles -- Performance | Ferguson tractors | Fordson tractors | Mechanical engineers | Tractors | Correspondence | Diaries | Test reports 
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4Title:  Reports of Management Meetings, 1947-1954 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  422 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations. 
 Abstract:  Ford Motor Company implemented monthly management meetings in 1947 to establish two-way communication between all parts of the management team. This collection contains the monthly reports from those meetings from 1947 to 1954. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1917-1987 | Breech, Ernest R., 1897-1978 | Ford Motor Company. Personnel management. | Ford Motor Company. Employees. | Ford Motor Company. Management. | Automobile industry and trade | Ford automobile | Reports 
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5Title:  Norman L. Woodry papers, 1916-1919 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  611 
 Creator:  Woodry, Norman L. 
 Abstract:  Norman L. Woodry served as a physician, an assistant chief surgeon, and surgeon for the Ford Motor Company between 1913 and 1933. The papers consist of a report and photographs which provide details of the Ford Motor Company medical history and organization. 
 Subjects:  Woodry, Norman L. | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant. | Ford Motor Company -- Employees. | Medicine, Industrial -- Michigan. | Industrial accidents -- Michigan. | Industrial relations -- Michigan. | Operating rooms -- Michigan. | Physicians | Medical personnel | Medical care. | Photographs. | Group portraits. 
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6Title:  O. H. Husen records, 1924-1934 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  479 
 Creator:  Husen, Otto H., 1896-. 
 Abstract:  O. H. Husen worked in the Rouge Division of Ford Motor Company, first as Accounting Manager in 1946 then as Resident Controller in 1948. His records include financial summaries for plants and other ventures, such as the Henry Ford Trade School and Fordson Coal Company. Also included are a number of training and stock manuals. 
 Subjects:  Husen, Otto H., 1896- | Carnegie, W. E., 1933- | Ford Motor Company. Accounting Department. | Fordson Coal Company | Henry Ford Trade School | Ford Motor Company. Finance. | Ford Motor Company. Statistics. | Ford Motor Company. Employees. | Automobiles. Accounting. | Costs, Industrial | Financial records 
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7Title:  Sidney Olson papers, 1952-1963 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  PP004 
 Creator:  Olson, Sidney 
 Abstract:  Sidney Olson conducted independent research in the Ford Archives, with the intention to write a series of books on Henry Ford. After his death, his manuscript was published under the title Young Henry Ford. His papers contain his manuscript, research notes, and plans for other projects. 
 Subjects:  Olson, Sidney | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943 | Ford family | Ford Motor Company--History. | Ford Motor Company--Public relations. | Ford Motor Company--Employees. | Ford Motor Company--Executives. | Automobile industry and trade | Ford automobile | Ford Falcon automobile | Flora (Ill.) | Chronologies | Photographs | Maps | Minutes 
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8Title:  Lincoln-Mercury Sales Records Series, 1929-1942 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  481 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. General Sales Department 
 Abstract:  The Lincoln-Mercury Sales records series contains correspondence and subject files of the General Sales Department regarding Lincoln and Mercury automobiles. Of interest in the records are summary reports on branch personnel, branch operations, prices, production, purchasing, sales, shipments and specifications; correspondence regarding custom built Lincoln automobiles such as hearses, ambulances, armour-plated cars and limousines; and employment applications with attached photographs of Lincoln sales branch personnel around the United States. The records also include Lincoln and Lincoln-Zephyr general letters. 
 Subjects:  Ambulances | Automobile dealers | Ford automobile | Hearses (Vehicles) | Limousines | Lincoln automobile | Mercury automobile | Zephyr automobile | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Ford Motor Company. General Sales Department | Photographs | Portraits 
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9Title:  Augustus Degener papers, 1905-1926 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  187 
 Creator:  Degener, Augustus 
 Abstract:  Augustus Degener worked with Henry Ford on the "999"racer and on steel heat-treatment processes. His papers contain notes on the early years of Ford Motor Company, architectural drawings and information concerning the fifteen millionth Model T motor. 
 Subjects:  Degener, Augustus | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company--History | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry and trade | Automobile industry workers | Metallurgy | Ford Model T automobile | Automobiles, Racing | Architectural drawings 
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10Title:  Willis Franklyn Ward Papers, 1941-1955 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  64.167.527 
 Creator:  Ward, Willis F. (Willis Franklyn), 1912-1983 
 Abstract:  Willis Franklyn Ward served as a supervisor of racial integration at Ford Motor Company in the 1930s and later became an assistant United States attorney and Wayne County judge. His papers include correspondence concerning discrimination at Ford Motor Company and requests for release from the military during World War II. 
 Subjects:  Ward, Willis F. (Willis Franklyn), 1912-1983 | National Association for the Advancement of Colored People | Ford Motor Company | University of Michigan | Ford Motor Company--Employees | African American automobile industry workers | Military discharge 
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11Title:  Highland Park Plant Hourly Personnel Department Records series, 1942-1948 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  229 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations. 
 Abstract:  The Highland Park Plant Hourly Personnel Department records series contains reports concerning employees' service in the military. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company--Employees | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant. Hourly Personnel Department. | Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations. | Industrial relations | World War, 1939-1945--Equipment and supplies | World War, 1939-1945--Veterans 
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12Title:  Joseph Galamb papers, 1907-1919 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  82 
 Creator:  Galamb, Joseph A., 1881-1955 
 Abstract:  Joseph Galamb was a key member of Ford Motor Company from 1905-1944. He played an important role in the design of the Model T and subsequent Ford vehicles. This small accession includes sketches, photostats, postcards and communication between Galamb, Henry Ford and Edsel Ford. 
 Subjects:  Galamb, Joseph A., 1881-1955 | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Design and construction | Engineers | Tractors--Design and construction | Photographs | Postcards | Sketches 
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13Title:  E. A. Walters papers, 1901-1944 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  491 
 Creator:  Walters, E. A. (Edgar A.) 
 Abstract:  E. A. Walters worked for the Ford Motor Company, first in the Press Department of the Highland Park Plant and then as Superintendent of the Pressed Steel Division of the Ford Rouge River Plant. He also assisted in preparations for the production of B-24 bombers at Willow Run. His papers contain documents and photographs related to his work at the Rouge plant and Willow Run. 
 Subjects:  Walter, E. A. | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant | Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant | Willow Run Industrial Complex | Automobile industry and trade--Michigan | Steel industry and trade--Michigan | Ford Motor Company. Employees | Photographs | Photographic prints 
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14Title:  Joseph C. Beh, Sr. papers, 1915-1928 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  147 
 Creator:  Beh, Joseph C., Sr., 1889-1975. 
 Abstract:  John C. Beh Sr. became an employee of the Ford Motor Company in 1915. These papers mostly include employee lists for engineering and power plant related departments and other miscellaneous documents relating to his employment. 
 Subjects:  Beh, Joseph C., Sr., 1889-1975. | Allison, Fred. | Perry, William, 1853-1940. | Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943. | Ford Motor Company--Employees. | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant. | Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant. | Ford Motor Company. Electrical Power Department. | Automobile industry and trade | Power-plants--Michigan. | Automobile engineers | African American automobile industry workers | World War, 1914-1918 | Photographs. | Group portraits. 
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15Title:  Tom Lilley Papers, 1939-1964 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1858 
 Creator:  Lilley, Tom, 1912- 
 Abstract:  The papers of Tom Lilley, former Ford Motor Company Vice President of International Staff and Canadian Overseas Group. The collection contains material related to both Ford Domestic Operations and Ford International Division, including product and price comparisons, organizational charts and international plant photographs. 
 Subjects:  Lilley, Tom, 1912- | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant | Ford Motor Company--Anniversaries, etc. | Ford Motor Company--Employees. | Ford Motor Company--Finance. | Automobile industry and trade | Automobile factories--Great Britain. | Automobile factories--Central America. | Automobile factories--South America. | Automobile factories--United States. | International business enterprises | Organizational charts | Photographs | Aerial photographs 
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16Title:  National Labor Relations Board Cases and Statements Records series, 1940-1941 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  278 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations Department. 
 Abstract:  Ford Motor Company was the last major automaker to unionize in 1941. This accession contains transcripts of disciplinary cases related to the National Labor Relations Board and rolls recording employee votes on unionization. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Industrial Relations Department. | United States. National Labor Relations Board | International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry workers--Michigan--Detroit | Automobile industry workers--Labor unions--Michigan--Detroit | Complaints (Administrative procedure) | Grievance procedures | Collective labor agreements--Automobile industry | Labor unions--Elections 
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17Title:  Frank Hadas papers, 1905-1924 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  488 
 Creator:  Hadas, Frank, 1882- 
 Abstract:  Frank Hadas worked as a branch assembly plant inspector for Ford Motor Company from 1912-1926. His papers include papers and photographs relating to his work at Ford Motor Company, as well as an album of personal and family photographs. 
 Subjects:  Hadas, Frank, 1882- | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant. | World War, 1914-1918--Equipment and supplies | Shipbuilding | Automobile dealers | Factory management | Hunting | Fishing | Automobile industry and trade | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Branches (Business enterprises) | Eagle boats | Panoramas | Photographs | Photograph albums | Maps 
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18Title:  Photographs for Ford News Bureau album series, circa 1946-1948 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1505 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Photographic Department. 
 Abstract:  The series contains an album containing striking photographic images depicting Ford Motor Company plants, Ford employees, and the process of producing automobiles and trucks. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Photographic Department | Ford Motor Company. Rouge River Plant | Ford Motor Company. Marine operations | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Benson Ford (Ship) | Ford Fleet | Assembly-line methods | Automobile factories | Automobile industry and trade | Automobile industry workers | Ford automobile | Cargo ships | Industrial designers | Shipping | Photograph albums | Photographs | Aerial views 
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19Title:  Carl Edvard Johansson records, 1916-1927 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  214 
 Creator:  Johansson, C.E. (Carl Edvard), 1864-1943 
 Abstract:  Carl Edvard Johansson was a Swedish inventor who pioneered the concept of universal measuring standards in industry with his invention of gauge blocks. He formed his own company in 1917 and worked for Ford Motor Company from 1924 to 1936. His records include financial records, trade catalogs and exhibit designs. 
 Subjects:  Johansson, C. E. (Carl Edvard), 1864-1943 | C. E. Johansson, Inc. | Ford Motor Company. C. E. Johansson Division | Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Automobile industry and trade | Affiliated corporations | Costs, Industrial | Financial statements | Gage blocks | Gages | Income Taxes | Measuring instruments | Payrolls | Subsidiary corporation | Blueprints (reprographic copies) | Ledgers | Trade catalogs 
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20Title:  Collected Research Papers subgroup, 1935-1976 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  SE005 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Archives. 
 Abstract:  The Collected research papers subgroup is a set of research papers that cover a wide range of subjects. The papers came from a variety of sources, including students, graduate students, and people writing family reminiscences. Subgroup includes accessions 168, 423, 819, 858, 866, 872, 997, 1129, 1164, 1216, and 1417. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Ford, Clara Bryant, 1866-1950 | Mayo, William Benson, 1866-1944 | Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931 | Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 | Firestone, Harvey Samuel, 1868-1938 | Ford Motor Company. Archives | Ford Motor Company. Highland Park Plant | Ford Motor Company. Airplane Division | Ford Motor Company--Employees | Henry Ford Hospital | Fair Lane (Dearborn, Mich.) | Automobile industry and trade | African American automobile industry workers | Industry and education | Lumbering | Pacifism 
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