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Automobiles--Design and construction.[X]
Photographs. (5)
Automobile industry and trade (4)
Correspondence (3)
Design drawings (3)
Industrial designers. (3)
Design drawings. (2)
Photographic prints (2)
Photographs (2)
Advertising--Automobiles (1)
Aircraft industry (1)
Articles (1)
Assembly-line methods (1)
Automobile factories (1)
Automobile industry and trade. (1)
Automobile industry workers (1)
Automobiles Lighting (1)
Automobiles, Racing. (1)
Automobiles--Exhibitions. (1)
Big Bay (Mich.) (1)
Boats and boating (1)
Boats and boating--Design and construction. (1)
Briggs Manufacturing Company. (1)
Bugatti automobile. (1)
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Chrysler automobile. (1)
Design patents (1)
Detroit (Mich.) (1)
Detroit Auto Show. (1)
Drafting and industrial drawings. (1)
Duesenberg automobile. (1)
Exhibitions--Chicago. (1)
Exhibitions--Detroit. (1)
Exhibitions--New York. (1)
Exner, Virgil M. (Virgil Max) Jr. (1)
Exner, Virgil M. (Virgil Max), 1909-1973 (1)
Experimental automobiles (1)
Ford Model T automobile (1)
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Ford Motor Company--Management. (1)
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Ford Motor Company. (1)
Ford Motor Company. Photographic Department. (1)
Ford Motor Company. Product Planning and Design Department. Central Product Planning Office. (1)
Ford automobile (1)
Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943--Homes and haunts. (1)
Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943. (1)
Gaughan, P. J. (1)
General Motors Corporation (1)
General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division (1)
General Motors Motorama. (1)
General Motors automobiles (1)
General Motors automobiles. (1)
Gliders (Aeronautics) (1)
Haga, Henry G., 1931-1988. (1)
Industrial buildings (1)
Iron Industry (1)
Iron Mountain (Mich.) (1)
Iron mines and mining--Michigan (1)
John Tjaarda and Associates. (1)
Kendrick, Fayette D. (1)
Kendrick, Karl A. (1)
Lincoln automobile (1)
Loewy, Raymond, 1893-1986 (1)
Logging--Michigan. (1)
Lumber camps (1)
Lumbering--Michigan (1)
Lumbermen (1)
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New York International Auto Show. (1)
Patent suits (1)
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Sports cars (1)
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Station wagons (1)
Technical reports (1)
Thunderbird automobile (1)
Tjaarda, John, 1897-1962. (1)
Upper Peninsula (Mich.) (1)
Vanderbilt, Suzanne, 1933-1988 (1)
Virgil Exner, Inc. (1)
Waste products (1)
Wood in automobiles (1)
Woodies (Automobiles) (1)
World War, 1939-1945 (1)
1Title:  Henry Haga papers, 1951-1988 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1735 
 Creator:  Haga, Henry G., 1931-1988. 
 Abstract:  Henry Haga was Chief Designer for General Motors Chevrolet Studio during the muscle car era of the 1960s and Director of Design for Opel during the 1970s. This collection includes articles, periodicals, correspondence and drawings which provide detail about Haga and his design career. 
 Subjects:  Haga, Henry G., 1931-1988. | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Articles | Correspondence | Design drawings 
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2Title:  Fayette and Karl Kendrick Collection, 1913-1932 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1695 
 Creator:  Kendrick, Fayette D. 
 Abstract:  Fayette D. and Karl A. Kendrick were inventors of automobile accessories. The collection consists of patent applications, patents, drawings, and correspondence relating to their inventions. 
 Subjects:  Kendrick, Fayette D. | Kendrick, Karl A. | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Automobiles Lighting | Detroit (Mich.) | St. Paul (Minn.) | Correspondence | Design drawings | Design patents | Photographs 
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3Title:  Suzanne Vanderbilt papers, 1958-1986 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1751 
 Creator:  Vanderbilt, Suzanne, 1933-1988 
 Abstract:  Suzanne Vanderbilt joined General Motors in 1955 as a Junior Designer for Chevrolet Interiors. She was part of a new group of women working in design centers for automobile companies that reflected the industry's growing awareness of the female consumer. This collection contains material relating to product planning, reports, and projects Vanderbilt supervised in the Design Center. 
 Subjects:  Vanderbilt, Suzanne, 1933-1988 | General Motors Corporation | General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Correspondence | Design drawings | Photographs | Speeches | Technical reports 
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4Title:  Edsel Ford Automotive Scrapbook series, 1911-1925 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  660 
 Creator:  Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943. 
 Abstract:  Edsel Ford was a connoisseur of fine art and antiques, and a designer of considerable talent. His interest in automobiles and design is expressed through the scrapbook, which holds magazine and catalog clippings of fine cars (mostly European), illustrations and snapshots of English custom bodies on the Model T chassis, and pictures of early racing cars. 
 Subjects:  Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943. | Ford, Edsel, 1893-1943--Homes and haunts. | Ford Motor Company--Presidents. | Ford Motor Company--Management. | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Ford Model T automobile | Industrial designers. | Automobiles, Racing. | Boats and boating | Selling--Automobiles | Photographs. | Scrapbooks 
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5Title:  John Tjaarda papers, 1916-1962 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1714 
 Creator:  Tjaarda, John, 1897-1962 
 Abstract:  The John Tjaarda papers include general and legal correspondence, clippings, photographs and a sketch book of designs. The bulk of the papers cover Tjaarda's work at Briggs Manufacturing Company and subsequent legal claims against Briggs and Chrysler Corporation over ownership of designs and patents. 
 Subjects:  Tjaarda, John, 1897-1962. | Briggs Manufacturing Company. | Ford Motor Company. | John Tjaarda and Associates. | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Drafting and industrial drawings. | Industrial designers. | Lincoln automobile | Patent suits | Photographs. | Design drawings. 
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6Title:  P.J. Gaughan collection, 1952-1967 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1686 
 Creator:  Gaughan, P.J. 
 Abstract:  P. J. Gaughan was a product planning executive in the Central Product Planning Office (CPPO) in the mid 1950s and early 1960s. During this time, the CPPO assembled a large collection of photographs, taken at various auto shows, which were used by the Ford Motor Company Car Product Planning Department to analyze the styling of competitor cars between 1951 and 1967. 
 Subjects:  Gaughan, P. J. | Ford Motor Company. Product Planning and Design Department. Central Product Planning Office. | Ford Motor Company--Exhibitions. | Detroit Auto Show. | General Motors Motorama. | New York International Auto Show. | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Exhibitions. | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Experimental automobiles | Exhibitions--Detroit. | Exhibitions--New York. | Exhibitions--Chicago. | Sports cars | Ford automobile | Thunderbird automobile | General Motors automobiles | Photographs. | Photographic prints 
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7Title:  Virgil M. Exner papers, 1913-1986 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  1741 
 Creator:  Exner, Virgil M. (Virgil Max), 1909-1973 
 Abstract:  Virgil Exner was an automobile designer who worked for General Motors, Studebaker, Chrysler, and his own company Virgil Exner, Inc. The collection consists of concept and engineering drawings, renderings, photographs, correspondence and art work. 
 Subjects:  Exner, Virgil M. (Virgil Max), 1909-1973 | Exner, Virgil M. (Virgil Max) Jr. | Loewy, Raymond, 1893-1986 | Virgil Exner, Inc. | Automobile industry and trade. | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Industrial designers. | Chrysler automobile. | General Motors automobiles. | Bugatti automobile. | Duesenberg automobile. | Advertising--Automobiles | Boats and boating--Design and construction. | Design drawings. | Sketches. | Photographs. 
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8Title:  Northern Michigan Operations photographs series, 1920-1951 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  270 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Photographic Department. 
 Abstract:  In the 1920s Ford Motor Company constructed what was at the time the worlds largest sawmill complex in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Iron Mountain plant supplied automobile body parts and wood patterns for the production of aircraft, ships, railroad cars, and mining trams. The photographs in this series serve to visually document Ford Motor Company production methods, as well as sawmill production, lumber manufacturing, and logging camp life. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Photographic Department. | Ford Motor Company--Buildings. | Assembly-line methods | Automobile industry and trade | Automobile industry workers | Automobile factories | Industrial buildings | Automobiles--Design and construction. | Iron mines and mining--Michigan | Iron Industry | Logging--Michigan. | Lumbering--Michigan | Lumber camps | Lumbermen | Power-plants | Sawmills--Michigan. | Station wagons | Woodies (Automobiles) | Wood in automobiles | Gliders (Aeronautics) | Aircraft industry | Chemical plants--Michigan. | Charcoal | World War, 1939-1945 | Waste products | Shipping--Michigan. | Big Bay (Mich.) | Iron Mountain (Mich.) | Pequaming (Mich.) | Sidnaw (Mich.) | Upper Peninsula (Mich.) | Photograph albums. | Photographs. | Photographic prints | Maps. | Negatives. 
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