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61Title:  Better Homes & Gardens Five-Star Home Plan Collection, 1951 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.0.35 
 Creator:  Ormsby, Whitney K. 
 Abstract:  Starting in the 1940s, the magazine Better Homes and Gardens sold blueprints and other directions for building homes. These plans and directions would allow the purchaser to work with a local architect and contractor on building their brand new home. The Better Homes & Gardens Five-Star Home Plan Collection contains one 5-sheet blueprint set for design number 2108, a three-bedroom ranch style home. Also included are a letter from Better Homes and Gardens discussing the local professionals who should be contacted regarding the work and a Specification Form which would assist the purchaser and contractor in conforming to Federal Housing Administration regulations. 
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62Title:  Robert Post Automotive Research Papers, 1965-2005 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.124 
 Creator:  Post, Robert 
 Abstract:  The Robert Post Automotive Research Papers, 1965-2005, is a collection of research materials and documents related to the writing of books on the history of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Also included is correspondence and biographical materials relating to drag racing, information on a possible drag racing museum exhibit, and drag racing related ephemera. Extent: 16.31 cubic ft. (40 boxes). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Post, Robert | Garlits, Don | Montgomery, Don | Muldowney, Shirley, 1940- | Parks, Wally | Johns Hopkins University Press | National Hot Rod Association | Society of Automotive Engineers | Tehabi Books | Automobile racing | Automobile racing drivers | Drag racers | Drag racing | Dragsters | Hot rods | Museum exhibits | Research | Women automobile racing drivers | Annual reports | Audiocassettes | CD-ROMs | Circulars (fliers) | Clippings (information artifacts) | Color photographic prints | Contact sheets | DVDs | Embroidery (visual works) | Lapel pins | Pamphlets | Photographic prints | Videocassettes 
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63Title:  Saturn Corporation EV1 Manuals Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.22 
 Creator:  Saturn Corporation 
 Abstract:  The Saturn Corporation was a subsidiary automobile manufacturer of General Motors that operated from 1985 until 2010. The EV1 was an electric vehicle developed by General Motors in response to California laws requiring a certain percentage of vehicles sold to emit no pollutants. Although marketed as a General Motors product, the EV1 was only available through Saturn lease agreements in California and Arizona. In 2001, General Motors announced that EV1 production would cease, and all vehicles were recalled once their leases ended. This collection contains a complete set of 12 repair manuals and a copy of the owner's manual, which were distributed by the Saturn Corporation. 
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64Title:  Miriam Epstein Home Movie Collection Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.29.71 
 Creator:  Epstein, Miriam 
 Abstract:  The Miriam Epstein Home Movie Collection, contains 6 reels of personal movies, mostly shot in New York state, and 1 reel of sample film from the Eastman Kodak Company. All film is 16mm.. Extent: 0.5 cubic ft. (1 box containing 7 reels). The collection is unprocessed. Contact Research Center staff to discuss access. 
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65Title:  Laura McGuire Millennium Collection, 1999-2000 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.5 
 Creator:  McGuire, Laura K. 
 Abstract:  At the end of 1999, Canadian photographer Laura McGuire collected items related to the end of the millennium and the Year 2000 problem, better known at Y2K. The Laura McGuire Millennium Collection contains photographic prints that were taken by her in the Detroit area at the end of 1999. Subjects of these prints include a water sellout, the border crossing between Detroit and Windsor, a survival supply store, and sunset at Belle Isle on New Year's Eve. Other items include a t-shirt; a book about Y2K; a special edition of The New York Times; Y2K brochures; and a newspaper clipping. Of note is a doll wearing a dress knitted by 102 year old Lottie Slomczenski which bears a note stating, "Looking forward to the Millennium to have lived in 3 centuries." 0.3 cubic ft. (1 box). 
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66Title:  Lawrence E. Bachman Home Movies Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.69 
 Creator:  Bachman, Lawrence E. 
 Abstract:  The Lawrence E. Bachman Home Movies contains one reel of 16mm that documents family vacations in California and other areas of the American west. Footage includes shots of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, featuring Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a train; Marineland in Los Angeles; a dam, possibly the Hoover and/or Grand Coulee dams; another theme park with women in period gowns; and ocean and city scenes. Originally, the home movies were contained on 7 individual reels, but were combined onto one reel at some point. 
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67Title:  Pillo-Kleen Service Collection, circa 1950-1960 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2006.82 
 Creator:  Unknown 
 Abstract:  The mid-20th Century witnessed increasingly higher standards for domestic cleanliness. Eventually, products and services were developed to assist businesses and homeowners keep up these standards. One such product was the Pil-o-Bar, a feather pillow cleaning and renovating system that utilized rotating brushes, banks of ultraviolet lights, and an ozone chamber to renovate feather pillows. Often operated by private, family-owned businesses, these machines served the needs of hospitals, hotels, motels, and the general public. The Pillo-Kleen Service Collection contains product literature, posters, business cards, pillow tick swatches, and operating instructions for a Pil-o-Bar pillow sanitizer. The collection is open for research. 1.1 cubic ft. (2 boxes). 
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68Title:  Ford Motor Company Advertising Research Records, 1974-1977 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2007.1.1896 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company. Marketing Research Office 
 Abstract:  The records are comprised of advertising and marketing studies of Ford Motor Company automobiles and the automobile industry in the mid-1970s. Most of the studies were conducted by the Research Information Center, Inc. (Phoenix, Arizona) and contain questionnaires, tables, surveys, summaries, and printed verbatim responses from customers and potential customers. The studies were designed to determine the effectiveness of Ford Motor Company commercials and other advertising. Among the vehicles represented are the 1977 Mustang, 1977 Thunderbird, 1977 Zephyr, and the 1976 Mercury Monarch. Two folders contain research regarding the launch of Ford Motor Company's full line of vehicles for 1977. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company. Marketing Research Office 
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69Title:  Ford Motor Company and the Urban League Research, 1954-1964, 1968 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2007.1.1934 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Brief report on research conducted in 1968 by Ford Motor Company to document their interactions with the Urban League. Results were reported by Louise Craig to Mott B. Heath. Materials include a summary memo, listing of sources, and several photocopied pages made from archival and other sources. Correspondence with Ford and the National Urban League, the Detroit Urban League, and H.N. Robinson of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, Detroit, regarding the 1959 convention of the Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Extent: 0.01 cubic ft. (1 folder). The collection is open for research. 
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70Title:  Charles McCoy Transportation Literature Collection, 1903-1995 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2007.20 
 Creator:  McCoy, Charles (Collector) 
 Abstract:  The Charles McCoy Transportation Literature Collection contains product literature related to Ford, Buick, Chevrolet, and other manufacturers, as well as brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, notebooks, photographs, and an album of international coinage. Extent: 1.2 cubic ft. (2 boxes). The collection is unprocessed. Contact Research Center staff to discuss access. 
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71Title:  General Electric Photograph Album, 1892 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2007.30 
 Creator:  Butler, William H. 
 Abstract:  The General Electric Photograph Album, entitled "With Edison at Schenectady, 1892," contains 24 tipped-in photographs depicting factory scenes, building exteriors, assorted products, and company portraits. Also included are 3 loose photographs of Kruesi tubes. Extent: 1 cubic ft. (1 box). The collection is unprocessed. Contact Research Center staff to discuss access. 
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72Title:  Jon Hart Vintage Auto Racing Video Collection, 1986-1993 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2007.40 
 Creator:  Hart, Jonathan C. 
 Abstract:  The Jon Hart Vintage Auto Racing Video Collection contains recorded footage from vintage automobile races, museums, and automobile clubs. Extent: 24.11 cubic ft. (46 boxes). The collection is open for research, however access to original audio, film and video recordings, and electronic data are restricted and may require production of digital copies for access use. 
 Subjects:  Hart, Jonathan C. | Buehrig, Gordon | Clark, Henry Austin, Jr., 1917-1991 | Kuhgn, Richard | Marketti, Tim | Shelby, Carroll, 1923-2012 | Wright, Nicky | Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Club | Brooks Stevens Automotive Museum | Carail Museum | Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum | Indianapolis Motor Speedway | Long Island Automotive Museum | Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) | Watkins Glen Circuit (Watkins Glen, N.Y.) | Chicago Concours | Grand Bahama Vintage Grand Prix | Meadowbrook Hall Concours d'Elegance | Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix | Palm Beach Vintage Road Race | Antique and classic cars | Auburn automobile | Automobile racing | Automobiles--Societies, etc. | Cord automobile | Duesenberg automobile | Museum exhibits | Racetracks (Automobile racing) | Sports cars | Transportation museums | Bahamas, Grand Bahama | United States, Florida, Jupiter | United States, Florida, Sebring | United States, Georgia, Braselton | United States, Illinois, Chicago | United States, Michigan, Rochester Hills | United States, New York, Watkins Glen | United States, Ohio, Lexington | United States, Wisconsin, Elkhart Lake | CD-ROMs | Logs (records) | Videocassettes 
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73Title:  Roy Korpi Papers, 1928-1949 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.110 
 Creator:  Korpi, Roy 
 Abstract:  The Roy Korpi Papers contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and other documents related to Korpi's time at the Henry Ford Trade School. Of note are his diploma, a 1929 guidebook to Greenfield Village, and handwritten notes from Francis Jehl to Thomas Edison for use during Light's Golden Jubilee. 
 Subjects:  Henry Ford Trade School | Trade schools--Michigan 
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74Title:  Toaster Museum Foundation Collection Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.122 
 Creator:  Toaster Museum Foundation 
 Abstract:  Toasters, in some form, have been a part of kitchen wares for centuries. Because of this, changes in their design, construction, and materials can be easily noticed. This collection from the Toaster Museum Foundation reflects the changes in this ubiquitous appliance, especially over the 20th Century. This collection includes advertisements, trade and retail catalogs, reports, magazine articles, trade cards, cartoons, greeting cards, leaflets, pamphlets, cooking information, and museum signage all related to toasters or the museum. 
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75Title:  Hewlett Packard 95LX Manuals Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.125 
 Creator:  Hewlett-Packard Company 
 Abstract:  The Hewlett-Packard Company produced the 95LX as their first personal digital assistant. Around the size of a large pocket calculator, the 95LX contained a calculator, telephone and address program, a text editor, and the ability to transfer data to a desktop computer. This collection contains 3 manuals that accompanied the 95LX: the Quick Start Guide, the Connectivity Pack, and the User's Guide. 
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76Title:  Carey's Shoes-Campbell Boot Shop Records, 1931-1937 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.145.69 
 Creator:  Carey Boot Shop 
 Abstract:  The Carey's Shoes-Campbell Boot Shop Records contains customer receipts from the 1930s, 2 photographic reprints of the store and merchandise, and a book on the history of Bridge Street in Charlevoix, Michigan. Extent: 0.2 cubic ft. (1 box). The collection is unprocessed. Contact Research Center staff to discuss access. 
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77Title:  Delphi Delco Records, 1911-1995 (bulk 1912-1945) Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.73 
 Creator:  Delphi Corporation 
 Abstract:  Delco, or Dayton Engineering Laboratories, Co., was founded in 1909 by Edwards Deeds and Charles Kettering in Dayton, Ohio. Their first major project was ignition sets for Cadillac, which were installed on that company's 1912 production models. Delco also manufactured other automobile parts, and even De Havilland bombers and Liberty aircraft engines during World War I. In 1918, General Motors acquired Delco and other parts companies, later merging Delco with its AC spark plug division to form ACDelco. The Delphi Delco Records contain a small selection of business records related to Delco, General Motors, the North East Electric Company, and the Dayton Wright Airplane Co. The collection also includes photographic prints and albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, annual reports, handbooks, and press releases. These materials depict factory operations, employees and events, wartime production, and equipment. Of note are copies of "The Book of Delco" and a 1919 copy of Delco's "Aviation Ignition." 
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78Title:  Barbara Baetz Shafer Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2008.83 
 Creator:  Shafer, Barbara Baetz 
 Abstract:  Barbara Baetz was a student at the Edison Institute Schools from 1958 to 1965, attending for grades 1-6. This collection contains some of her student papers and projects, notebooks, weaving samples, pottery, photographic prints, and report cards relating to her time at the schools. 
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79Title:  Ford Motor Company Advertising and Sales Promotion Records, 1953-1964 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2009.1.1949 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Collection consisting of Ford Motor Company advertising and sales records related to the 1964 vehicle model year. Extent: 0.3 cubic ft. (1 box). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company | Advertising | Automobile dealers | Automobile industry and trade | Automobiles--Marketing | Correspondence | Reports | Specifications 
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80Title:  Ford Motor Company Tractor Division Illustrated Parts Catalogs Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2009.1.1952 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Collection consists of illustrated parts catalogs for tractors, combines, industrial products, hay tools, planting tools, and similar miscellaneous products. Original Ford Motor Company Archives inventory attached. Was Ford Motor Company Archives number AR-81-73-17103. 
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