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41Title:  Ford Motor Company Accounting Basis Sheets, 1923-1940 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.1.1833 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  Single ledger containing accounting cost basis sheets listing, by year of acquisition, the basis, gross additions, and retirements by year for each depreciable plant asset account for Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Motor Company, Fordson Coal Company, and Ford Motor Company Exports, Inc. Extent: 0.20 cubic ft. (1 bound ledger). The collection is open for research. 
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42Title:  Metropolitan Motor Coach Company Records, 1937-1950 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.1.1841 
 Creator:  Ford Motor Company 
 Abstract:  In 1947, Ford Motor Company named the Metropolitan Motor Coach Company as the exclusive distributor of Ford motor coaches and parts. The Metropolitan Motor Coach Company Records, 1937-1950, contains correspondence and memos, cost estimates, budgets, inventories, logbooks, and ledgers pertaining to the production and sale of motor coaches. Extent: 4.7 cubic ft. (4 boxes and 4 volumes). The collection is open for research. 
 Subjects:  Ford Motor Company 
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43Title:  L.F. Donnell Automobile Dealership Records Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.106 
 Creator:  Donnell, L.F. 
 Abstract:  L.F. Donnell was the owner of a Ford dealership in Youngstown, Ohio. This collection contains 9 photographs and literature pertaining to this business, as well as other Ford publications. These include issues of the "Ford Sales Bulletin" and "Ford Times," as well as a "Ford Truck Instruction Book" and "Helpful Hints and Advice to Ford Employees". 
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44Title:  Carol Giacoletto Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.10 
 Creator:  Giacoletto, Carol 
 Abstract:  Carol Giacoletto was a student at the Greenfield Village Schools from 1956 to 1961. The collection contains some of her report cards, correspondence, a teachers handbook, guidebooks for the museum and village, other travel brochures, 2 pieces of pottery, and 14 weaving samples created during her time at the schools. 
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45Title:  Lillian Klinert Scrapbook on Henry Ford, 1947 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.11 
 Creator:  Klinert, Lillian 
 Abstract:  In the early 20th Century, many people greatly admired Henry Ford for his contributions to manufacturing and considered him a titan of industry. Upon his death in 1947, admirers collected items, such as newspaper and magazine clippings, to remember him. Lillian Klinert was one such admirer from Detroit. The Lillian Klinert Scrapbook on Henry Ford is a collection of Detroit newspaper clippings that were assembled following Henry Ford's death in April 1947. There are 15 scrapbook pages containing clippings, as well as the original scrapbook with extra, blank pages. The collection is open for research. 0.6 cubic ft. (1 box). 
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46Title:  Zinn's Diner Collection Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.121 
 Creator:  Zinn family 
 Abstract:  Zinn's Diner was founded by Christian G. Zinn in Denver, Pennsylvania, in 1950. Operating in the same location until 2003, the business expanded to include a miniature golf course, softball field, batting cages, water games, and picnic facilities. This collection includes menus, photographs, placemats, promotional brochures and flyers, and an oral history with Chris Zinn, the last owner and operator of the business. 
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47Title:  "Of Shadows and Kings" Film Collection Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.164 
 Creator:  Wilding Picture Productions 
 Abstract:  Wilding Picture Productions, founded in Detroit by Norman Wilding in 1914, was known for its production and distribution of motion pictures, television commercials, and industrial films. In 1962, the company created the film "Of Shadows and Kings" for the Ford Motor Company. In the film, a salesman explains and shows all of the new features of the 1963 Ford Thunderbird and how the car would be marketed toward "the more mature but active driver searching for quality and luxury." The "Of Shadows and Kings" Film Collection contains one reel of 16mm color motion picture film containing the aforementioned industrial film and one VHS videocassette featuring the 1963 Thunderbird. 
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48Title:  Earl Newberry Papers, 1921-1965 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.35 
 Creator:  Newberry, Earl, 1894-1961 
 Abstract:  Earl Newberry (1894-1961) is best known as a promoter of theatrical shows, musical acts and auto thrill shows in the years before and after World War II. The collection consists of business records, audio recordings, and photographs which detail Newberry's various enterprises. 
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49Title:  Davis Family Photographs, 1900-1969 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.41 
 Creator:  Davis family 
 Abstract:  The Davis Family Photographs, 1900-1969, contains photographic prints relating to one African-American family living in the Toledo, Ohio, area in the first half of the 20th Century. 
 Subjects:  Davis family | Davis, James | Boy Scouts of America | African Americans | Camping | Children | Families | Portraits | Weddings | Toledo (Ohio) | Photographic prints 
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50Title:  Somerset, Michigan, Schools and Tinsmith Account Books, 1837-1911 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2002.86 
 Creator:  Unknown 
 Abstract:  The Somerset, Michigan, Schools and Tinsmith Account Books collection contains two account books. The Somerset, Michigan, Schools account book contains information on the school building, supplies, teachers, local taxes, and other educational issues from 1837-1911. The tinsmith account book, from John Cowdrey of Warwick, New York, dates from 1843-1845, and contains data on repair work done, goods made, and prices charged for goods and services. The collection is open for research. 0.6 cubic ft. (1 box containing 2 volumes). 
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51Title:  Edward Allor Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2003.118 
 Creator:  Allor, Edward 
 Abstract:  In 1913, Edward Allor worked as the assistant to the foreman in the Radiator Department of Ford's Highland Park plant. That July, the foreman, Harry Hudson, traveled to England with Charles Sorensen so that Hudson could assist with converting the Manchester plant from assembly to manufacturing. After the trip, Harry Hudson penned a letter to Allor describing the journey. The letter also talks about the Sorensen family, problems and challenges in setting up the plant, and Sorensen's trips to Ireland and France where he was looking to establish factories, warning Allor to keep that secret. This letter may be the earliest document in our collection detailing Ford's plans to expand its manufacturing beyond North America. Edward Allor left Ford Motor Company to earn a degree in Philosophy at Western University in London, Ontario. Allor eventually became a priest, serving at several parishes including St. John the Baptist in Amherstburg, Ontario. This collection contains the letter penned from Hudson to Allor in 1913, his degree from May 1921, and a sepia portrait of Allor. 
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52Title:  Joseph C. Groff Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2003.11 
 Creator:  Groff, Joseph C. 
 Abstract:  Joseph C. Groff served as the captain of the M/S East Indian, an ocean-going hauler in the Ford Fleet. In 1926, the East Indian went on its first around-the-world voyage, taking automobile parts and completed automobiles to Southeast Asia and returning with a load of rubber. This collection contains 27 photographic prints taken of the ship and the journey, 1 exterior photograph of the Ford offices in Montevideo, Uruguay, 11 Engineer's Voyage Reports from the trip, and 5 drawings pertaining to the ship and its cargo. 
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53Title:  Lewis D. Crusoe Papers, 1904-1979 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2003.146 
 Creator:  Crusoe, Lewis D., 1895-1973 
 Abstract:  Lewis Darraugh Crusoe, 1895-1973, became one of the most influential automotive executives in the post-war United States, working for both General Motors and Ford Motor Company. The papers include materials from his time at both companies. Extent: 36 cubic ft. (36 boxes). The collection is unprocessed. Contact Research Center staff to discuss access. 
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54Title:  William J. Zechel Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2003.58 
 Creator:  Zechel, William J. 
 Abstract:  William J. Zechel worked in the design department at the Packard Motor Car Company in the 1940s and 1950s. The collection includes one binder of documentation and photographs related to the 57th Series Packard program (which was designed, but never built by the Studebaker-Packard Corp.); one binder of drawings from Studebaker-Packard relating to the torsion bar suspension; samples of index cards used by Zechel to track layout drawings; one notebook containing information regarding Zechel's drawings from the 1940s and a timeline of his career from 1937 to 1974; one notebook of miscellaneous material including lists of Packard personnel, drawings of aircraft parts, and a brochure from the Packard Proving Grounds; one folder of photographic prints, including shots of the Packard design area, and personal items; and three packages of photocopies relating to Zechel and his work. 
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55Title:  Arthur M. Brown Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2003.76 
 Creator:  Unknown 
 Abstract:  Arthur M. Brown was a Ford Motor Company employee, working at their Sommerville Plant as a "service traveler." He had previously worked inspecting airplanes at the Glenn L. Martin Company of Baltimore, Maryland. The collection contains 4 pieces of correspondence documenting his war work and demobilization, and 58 photographic prints showing the U.S. Army Service Training School, the Lincoln Mercury Stroboscope, aircraft and engines, the Glenn L. Martin Company, Edsel B. Ford, and Henry Ford II. Two of the prints were signed by a Capt. J.C. Brown and a Lt. R. Brown. 
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56Title:  A.B. Dick Company Records, 1884-1998 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2004.3 
 Creator:  A.B. Dick Company 
 Abstract:  The A.B. Dick Company Records, 1884-1998, contain corporate records, photographic prints, product information and samples, company publications, product service manuals, clippings, printing plates, advertisements, motion pictures, sound recordings, and artwork regarding the office equipment A.B. Dick produced for over a century. 
 Subjects:  A.B. Dick Company | Dick, Albert Blake, 1856-1934 | Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931 | Teague, Walter Dorwin, 1883-1960 | Indianapolis Speedway Race | New York World's Fair (1939-1940: New York, N.Y.) | World's Columbian Exposition (1893: Chicago, Ill.) | Advertising | Automobile racing | Copying | Electric typewriters | Indy cars | Mimeograph | Newsletters | Office equipment and supplies | Office equipment and supplies industry--United States | Offset printing | Photocopying machines | Printing machinery and supplies | Chicago (Ill.) | Niles (Ill.) | Advertisements | Annual reports | Brochures | CD-ROMs | Clippings (information artifacts) | DVDs | Filmstrips | Manuals (instructional materials) | Negatives (photographic) | Operating manuals | Phonograph records | Photographic prints | Publications | Sales catalogs | Samples | Scrapbooks | Slides (photographs) | Sound recordings | Trade catalogs | Trademarks | Videocassettes 
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57Title:  Wally Triplett Collection, 1949-2004 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2004.40 
 Creator:  Triplett, Wallace (Wally), 1926-2018 
 Abstract:  Wallace (Wally) Triplett was the first drafted African American to play in a National Football League (NFL) game. Later in life he worked with designer McKinley W. Thompson on the development and financing of the Warrior experimental automobile. The collection includes a photograph album entitled, "White Paper to Wheels: The Construction of the Vega Warrior", a portrait of Triplett in his football uniform; a Detroit Lions team portrait; several pieces of product literature; several material samples by Uniroyal; and an oral history conducted in 2004. 
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58Title:  Kathryn Emerson and Dr. James C. Buntin Papers, 1949-1990 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2004.84 
 Creator:  Buntin, James C., 1921-1998 
 Abstract:  The Kathryn Emerson and Dr. James C. Buntin Papers contain correspondence, clippings, publications, books, academic and professional papers and other materials primarily related to their work in elementary and multi-cultural education, civil rights and welfare rights. NOTE: This is an UNPROCESSED COLLECTION and has not yet been prepared for routine service (i.e. housed for safe handling, labeled, and cataloged). Access may be restricted in order to maintain physical and intellectual control, and is at the discretion of archives personnel. Researchers interested in access to unprocessed collections should contact Benson Ford Research Center staff to discuss collection availability. 
 Subjects:  Buntin, James C., 1921-1998 | Emerson-Buntin, Kathryn Enid, 1940-2004 | Education | African Americans | Welfare | Stockton (Calif.) | Ann Arbor (Mich.) | Correspondence | Posters | Photographs | Buttons | Clothing 
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59Title:  Palmer-Ward-De Vine Family Papers Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2004.9.56 
 Creator:  Palmer family 
 Abstract:  The Palmer and Ward families were among the most affluent in Michigan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Wards were known for their role in the logging industry; the Palmer fortune came from the copper and iron mining and railroad industries in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The two families were joined by marriage when Harold Lee Ward married Virginia Palmer Bradfield in 1918. This collection includes computer print-outs of biographical information, photocopies of personal correspondence and diaries, a photocopy of a magazine article written in 1936 by Willis C. Ward, copies of photographic prints, and a CD-ROM containing digital images. 
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60Title:  Mechanical and Electrical Power Collection, 1785-1940 Requires cookie*
 Accession:  2005.0.32.0 
 Creator:  Henry Ford (Organization). Benson Ford Research Center 
 Abstract:  An assembled collection containing a variety of material relating to mechanical and electrical power, the collection is divided into four series: Electrical Power, Internal Combustion Power, Steam Power, and Other Power Sources. Included are manuscript materials, newspaper and professional trade journal clippings, original trade literature, technical drawings, a few ephemera items, and photographic prints. The Electrical Power series is the largest series with 140 electric power suppliers and electrical equipment manufacturers represented. 
 Subjects:  Boilers | Electric batteries | Electrical engineering | Electric generators | Electric power | Electric lighting, Incandescent | Electric power systems | Electricity | Electric railroad trains. | Engines | Internal combustion engines | Motors | Power-plants | Power (Mechanics) | Power transmission | Steam power plants | Ford, Henry, 1863-1947 | Campsall, Frank Charles, 1884-1946 | Humberstone, James, 1909- | Morton, Herbert Frederick, 1890-1966 | Smith, Fred | Edison Electric Light Company | Edison General Electric Company | Ford Motor Company | General Electric Company | Henry Ford (Organization) | Menlo Park Laboratory | Technical drawings | Blueprints (Reprographic copies) | Clippings (Information artifacts) | Patents | Photographs | Trade catalogs 
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